PB and Space Jam
I'm Micah and I'll be by your side til 3005 hol'up
WC: ???,???
Char 1 x Char 2
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Anonymous said —
❝ You need to breath Micah. calm down and breath. Get in a safe place. and close your eyes and breath. think good thoughts. think about the good things that have happened to you. just think about nice things. like ice cream or kittens. ❞

I’m holding my kitty and crying

Anonymous said —
❝ the same way someones loves someone else with tattoos. tattoos are just colored scars. and Acne is normal. ❞

ksirjjsjfiwid im crying fuck

uekskdjwkdkfke im gonna cut again i cant do this

how can someone love me with all my blemishes and scars

im crying so much fuck

Anonymous said —
❝ Do you have a bae at the moment? Are you crushing on anyone? If so describe them!!! ❞

I don’t have a #1 but I think I might ask this one girl to homecoming but she’s fine say no so idk

Anonymous said —
❝ thoughts on chubbier girls? ❞

everyone is cute


I’m pretty pleased with the 12th doctor

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The water in Phenac City is pretty *_*

Orre Region
Pokemon Colosseum / GameCube

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